2018 NCAA Basketball Tournament 
Pool Rules

The season of March Madness is upon us! 

Following the success of the last few years with this event, we are staying with PickHoops.com as our on-line entry system.  This is a very easy way for you to enter your own picks right up to the deadline of Thursday, March 15 at 12:18pm ET.  This system will crank out great stats -- and you can also enter up to ten times under the same username.  This system costs me $40 ($39.95 actually, but lets round up a nickel to keep the math simple), so we will deduct that $40 amount from the total pot.

You enter your own picks in pickhoops.com and do not send me anything except your entry fee.  No faxing, or emailing or scanning.

Also, as a reminder, the email address for the Poolmeister is bootseem@gmail.com   Send an email with any questions.

The pool fee is still the same: $20 per entry.  The total payout is calculated by taking all the entries LESS the $40 pool program fee (pickhoops.com) LESS $20 for the person in last place.  And the payout will go as follows to the top 10 spots:

1st -- 30%
2nd -- 20%
3rd -- 12%
4th -- 10%
5th -- 8%
6th -- 6%
7th -- 5%
8th -- 4%
9th -- 3%
10th -- 2%
Last place gets the $20 entry fee returned

As a point of reference, we had 198 entries last year for a total pot of almost $4,000.  The splits above represent some decent $$$ and should keep a lot of people up late during the Final Four!

To enter, we are using PickHoops.com

To join, enter this link:


You'll be asked for your name and email address and to create a new user password for yourself.

The brackets are picked on Sunday night, March 11 and the bracket entry officially starts at 11pm Sunday night  (this gives the PickHoops guys some time to get the brackets entered and double checked)

Online bracket entry closes Thursday, March 15th at 12:18pm EDT -- no extensions!

Feel free to invite family and friends to join the pool.  The more entries, the better!

A note on the tie-breaker.  In your entry, you must guess the TOTAL final score of the last game.  Thus, if you think the score will be 75 - 60, your guess should be 135.  In the case of a tie at the end of the pool, we use the "Points in Final" game guess.  If still a tie, the person who has the most wins in the first round wins.  If still tied after that. then we declare a tie.


This is important... the most painful part of the pool is collecting the entry fee.  If you want to be in the pool, here's what you do.  On Monday morning, make out a check to Boot Seem for $20 or put cash in an envelope and send it to me. (See below for preferred, alternate ways to pay -- via Paypal or Venmo)   All payments must be received by 5pm on Saturday, March 17, or your entry will simply be deleted.  No extensions or collection calls this year.

My address:

Gary "Boot" Seem
15 Newlin Road
Princeton, NJ  08540

I will see the entries as they are entered, but it won't hurt to drop me an email when you mail in your entry fee so I know you are in.

Also, I will accept payment via both:

PayPal (provided you use your Paypal balance or bank account -- no credit cards!)



You can use my email address for both services to pay me at:  bootseem@gmail.com

PickHoops.com has a ton of stats that are posted in real time, but I will also keep the updates coming via email.



Tournament Rules

  1. You MUST choose a winner for every game in the tournament. Also, don't forget to pick the tiebreaker score (Total points scored in the championship game ).
  2. You may enter up to ten times with the same username (yeah, enter lots!!).   Also, feel free to pass this on to any friends or colleagues.
  3. All participants must be at least 2 1/2 years of age or older.
  4. In case of any ties, a tie-breaker will be used to determine a winner from the entry which comes closest to correctly predicting the total points scored in the championship game.  If that is tied, then the most points in Round 1 determines the winner.  After that, it will simply be determined a tie and the tied prizes will be combined and split.
  5. Your standing is determined by the number of points earned by each entry from the point assignments given to each round in the tournament. The rounds are weighted so that later rounds are worth more than earlier rounds, thus correctly chosen teams that go far, will score the most points. The point assignments for each round are as follows:
32 First round games            1 point each            32 possible points 
16 Second round games           2 points each           32 possible points 
8  Regional Semi-final games    3 points each           24 possible points 
4  Regional Final games         5 points each           20 possible points 
2  Semi-final games             7 points each           14 possible points 
1  Championship game            10 points               10 possible points
Totals:                         (63 games)              132 possible points